Communications Tactics

Working with a deaf person – 1 to 1

Check with deaf employee how they like to communicate. It can be either

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  • Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • Sign language interpreter for important meetings or at all times where teamwork is on-going
  • Lip reading
  • Writing
  • Visual Demonstration
  • You may need to repeat or rephrase information – be patient.
  • Use pen and paper if necessary.
  • Keep eye contact and face the person at all times
  • Make sure room is well lit and your back is not against a window
  • Have conversations in area where there are less “eye traffic” and distractions.
  • Ensure layout of meeting where everybody is facing each other – a circular table is ideal.
  • Offer deaf employee to choose where to sit first and decide where to place his/her interpreter before everybody arrives.
  • Chairperson to ensure no verbal overlaps and point at new speaker each time.
  • During presentation, stand still and deliver speech clearly. Never turn your back on others.
  • Use visual aids as much as you can, including flip charts, typed agendas and hand-outs.
    • It is regularly noted from managers’ comments that meetings conducted in this manner are found to be more productive, concise and effective.
  • Start off by explaining the topic of conversation and stick with it. Explain again if need to change topic.


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