FAQs – Jobseekers

Can you get me a job?

We can never guarantee that we will find everyone a job, our role is to support you to demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

How does someone get support from the service?

You will need to have been referred to our service, there are two ways to be referred:

  • a referral is made from the ‘Right To Control’
  • a referral is made by Job Centre Plus.

If you are unsure about the referral process, send us a message or visit our office and we will assist you with the referral.

What support needs do people have?

People have a range of support needs. We currently support Deaf and hard of hearing people, who also may have additional disabilities such as physical disabilities, other sensory impairments, learning disabilities or mental health problems. Every person who we support is treated as an individual and we will tailor the support to meet your needs.

What help do you give people?

We help every person to identify their skills and what support they require to enable them to gain employment. We support people to look for the right job for them.

What sort of work can I do?

There are no restrictions on the type of work you can do. Deaf and HoH people work in manufacturing, retail, catering, horticulture, local government, civil service and many more businesses according to their interests, skills and abilities.

How long does it last?

Jobs are usually permanent, but if seasonal work is normal, the job must be for a minimum of 6 months
The hours worked should be 16 or more because we will make sure you become better off financially.

What is expected of you as the employee?
  • You attend work regularly and punctually
  • You will follow the training and development plan from your line manager/supervisor to develop the skills and personal qualities as agreed in your development plan to enable you to progress, if possible, into unsupported employment
  • to take part in training and development opportunities provide by your employer
What does the provider (Deaf2Work) do?
  • Deaf2Work will work closely with you to match you with a suitable job
  • Deaf2Work will provide you with a package of support
  • Advise on related issues, e.g. Access to Work, benefits
  • Monitor the training and development every month

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