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[dropcap]W[/dropcap] hen you have found a new job, our support to you will not stop. In Work Support is an extra layer of support from us for when you are working and helping to make sure you settle in your new job comfortably as much as we can.

Before you start

Starting a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience. After the excitement of getting a new job, it is natural to have hopes and fears about the new job, such as:

  • Hoping if you can fit in at work and get on well with new work mates
  • Keeping fingers crossed your new boss is a good one
  • Face challenges in areas like:
    • Childcare
    • Travelling to and from work
    • Will I be better off with money?

As there are so many things to think about with new job, we will carry on supporting you and give you advice. We will also provide new information you need to know, before starting.

Starting new job

In the first month, we will be checking on you regularly and your employer to see if everything is ok. We will carry on keeping in touch with you for as long as you need, until you feel comfortable in new job. We are here to smooth things out by providing advice for you and your employer. We can give advice in these areas:

  • Communications Tactics
  • Deaf Awareness Training
  • Technical and Assistive Equipment
  • Access to Work

Deaf Awareness training

All of these groups require various communication tactics and awareness to enable them to integrate within mainstream society and in workplaces. One of the best ways of supporting people with a hearing loss is to ask them what works for them. We can supply your businesses with Deaf Awareness training – helping the deaf employee’s colleagues to adopt the right tactics for them to properly integrate. The flip side of receiving this training is that it will also enhance the quality of your services to customers – as people with hearing loss in the UK run into the millions. With the right attitude and awareness, D/deaf and Hard of Hearing customers will be more likely to be loyal to your business.

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