Deaf2Work understand Deaf people. We understand especially those with long-time health problems. We understand barriers, which make it difficult to find a job. We know barriers always stop Deaf people to be better. These barriers stop you from using your talent, skills, qualifications and experience. We understand it is not easy but we can make your life easier.

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  • Look for job adverts
  • Write your CV
  • Writing applications and applying for job
  • Preparing for job interview
  • Benefits advice – will I be richer in work?
  • Help with Access to Work to pay support


We have a wide range of services to meet your needs. Our aim is to get you ready for work. We also want to make you and your employer happy in your new workplace. We can work with you and give advice. You are welcome to visit and chat to us – find out more about how we can help you.

To get help from Deaf2Work, you need to be living in Leicester City. Soon, we are looking to support people living in all Leicestershire when we set up the funds for this.


What is Supported Employment Service?

Supported employment is a way of providing assistance to deaf people, with or without additional disability, who need extra support to move towards into work.

We are here to provide advice and help all through the stages of looking for and gaining a job. Below is a list of what you can expect from us:

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  • To build your confidence and think positive
  • Find out what training you need – to improve job chances
  • Find you the right job, using your experience and skills
  • Set up work experience to try out new job area
  • Advice through job interviews and set up communication support
  • Assist you in your new job to guide and support you through the early stages
  • Provide guidance for future and current employers on making workplaces equal



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Well done on getting a job interview

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