Voluntary Work

For many of our clients, work placements and voluntary work can play an important part in making yourself ready for a job. If you have not worked for over 2 years, going on work placement is a good way to make your CV look more attractive. You can also pick up a more current work reference, which your employer will want  in your next paid job.

So if this is the best plan of action for you, below is a list of advantage what can you expect in a work placement?

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  • The work placement to be in an area of your choice
  • An opportunity to get fresh references from employers
  • You can choose how much hours you can offer every week
  • Build up good habits of getting up for work and being part of a team
  • A chance to find out if this is the suitable choice of work for you
  • Part of the journey of going back to work
  • An ideal opportunity to show other people how good you are
  • If you are really good, work placement might lead into a fully paid job
  • After work placement, we will carry on supporting you to find paid work



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